Article 1 // Categories

There is one overall category for men and women. Additional, there will be ranking lists and award ceremonies in the following four categories for men and women: U20, 20-34, 35-49, 50+. In Team Challenge stages, there are only the overall categories men, women and mixed – no age groups. The minimum age for a participation is 16 years.


Artikel 2 // Participant Fee

The participant fees vary from destination and time of the registration. Team Challenge stages are more expensive because the registration is for two people at the same moment. Head to the sub-site of each destination on the website for further details.


Article 3 // Late Registrations

A late registration is possible until 30 minutes prior to the start at the BIB number distribution. There will be an additional charge of CHF 10.- for late registrations (CHF 20.- per Team in Solothurn.).


Article 4 // Formats

  • Mountain Ride:

All riders start together with Fabian Cancellara (Mass start). The race is open after an eventual short neutralized phase. The main goal is to win the race, another is to beat Fabian Cancellara in the direct race.


  • Team Challenge:

There are only overall categories men, women and mixed.

Qualification: The teams consisting of two ride on the given distance a time trial on a closed lap. The goal is to beat the time of Fabian Cancellara who rides alone at the end. The fastest three teams plus each category winner advance to the final.


Final Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi: The teams start at the same time and on the identical course as in the qualification. Fabian Cancellara will pursuit them some seconds later. It counts the time of the second rider of the team.


Final Solothurn: The teams start at the same time and on the identical course as in the qualification. Fabian Cancellara will pursuit them some seconds later. The first rider takes the time for his/her team.


The Final teams are atop of the rankings according to the Final result.


  • Chased by Cancellara:

The riders start in front of the Spartacus Group. This group consists of Fabian Cancellara and potential Ex-Pros. The course topography and the distance vary from place to place.


See article 10 to see which format is ridden at which destination.


Article 5 // Equipment Bicycle

Any motorized support at the bicycle or E-Bikes are strictly forbidden. If there is found a fraud, the participant will instantly be stopped and disqualified.

Tandem-bicycles are forbidden in the Team Challenge stages. One bicycle per rider.


Article 6 // Chaser Package, Certificate and Shirt

The Chaser Package, which each participant gets, consists of:

  • Starterbag
  • Race food, incl. Bidon
  • BIB Number
  • Time Keeping and Ranking List
  • Finisher Medal
  • Chasing Cancellara Cycling Cap

Voucher for the Finisher Pasta Party (+ CHF 5.-)


All participants which are faster than Fabian Cancellara receive a „Fabian-Cancellara-Conqueror “-Certificate with his/her personal name and on place signed from Fabian Cancellara. The specific criteria:

  • Mountain Ride: All who beat Fabian Cancellara on the course.
  • Chased-by-Cancellara: All who are earlier in the finish than Fabian Cancellara.
  • Team Challenge: All teams who are faster than Fabian Cancellara in the qualification.


The official Chasing Cancellara Cycling Shirt can be bought during the registration process for CHF 39.- and at every race for CHF 49.-


Article 7 // VIP Package

At each destination, there is the possibility to book a VIP Package with a personal ride out in the surrounding of the destination one day before the race followed by a talk / speech of Fabian Cancellara during the exclusive dinner. The perfect invitation for business partners or friends.


Please contact us for more information or bookings / call +41 41 930 48 48.


Article 8 // Award Ceremony & Pasta Party

After the race, the ceremony for the overall winners and the category winners takes place after the race. In the Team Challenge, the overall ranking list is made including the final with the result in the final atop. The other teams are ranked according to the qualification. The Fabian-Cancellara-Conquerors will be handed the signed certificate after the award ceremony.

At the same time, the Pasta Party for all participants takes place. This Pasta Party voucher has to be additional booked to the participant fee during the registration process.


Article 9 // Refund Participant Fee

If a rider cannot participate at a race due to an injury, the participant fee will be refunded after showing a valid medical certificate until two weeks before the race minus 20% annulation charge and excluding the credit card and bank transfer charges.


Article 10 // Dates, Destinations and Distances 2018

Friday, 9th March 2018                 Mallorca – Manacor, ESP (1)                         46 km

Tuesday, 20th March 2018           Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi, UAE (2)      11.1 km + 11.1 km

Friday, 4th May 2018                     Solothurn, SUI (2)                                            3.9 km + 3.9 km

Sunday, 24th June 2018               Disentis – Andermatt, SUI (3)                       32 km

Sunday, 1st July 2018                    Aigle – Villars-sur-Ollon, SUI (3)                  89.6 km

Sunday, 26th August 2018            Aarhus, DEN (2)                                              55 km

Sunday, 2nd September 2018       Copenhagen, DEN (2)                                    55 km

Saturday, 8th September 2018     Follonica, IT (1)                                              50 km

Saturday, 22nd September 2018   Final Lugano, SUI (3)                                   16.7 km


1=Chased by Cancellara                  2= Team Challenge                     3=Mountain Ride


Article 11 // Final Lugano, 22nd September 2018

The best riders of each stage qualify for the Final in Lugano. If they have qualified, they receive a free bib number (incl. the special Final edition of the Cycling Shirt and a voucher for the Pasta-Party) at the Final race in Lugano. This stage is a short Mountain Ride.

The qualifying procedure:

  • Mountain Ride and Chased by Cancellara stages: The first three of the overall daily rankings and the four category winners (men and women).
  • Team Challenge stages: The Overall Top 3 plus the remaining category winners. It is possible that only one rider out of the team starts in Lugano.


Article 12 // Daily schedule at race day

The times vary from place to place and will be published on the website on each event site prior to the events.


Article 13 // Registration and Time Keeping

The registration and time keeping will be conducted by Race Result (excluding Abu Dhabi) and all information can be found on the platform of Race Result. The results and participant lists can be seen on Please write to for questions about the registration or further requests.


Article 14 // Right at the Picture

The organizer of Chasing Cancellara has the right to use photos, videos and voice recordings of the riders for promotion purposes in the future.


Article 15 // Terms and Conditions

With the registration, I acknowledge the announcement and the disclaimer for the organizer of damages of every type. I will neither against the organizer nor against the sponsors of the event and their representatives make claims for damages and injuries of every type which can occur during my participation. Each participant has to sign the waiver when picking up the BIB number. I confirm that I have sufficiently trained for the participation at this run and that I am physically healthy. The insurance is the issue of the participants. The medical personal is justified to take me out of the race if there are any signs of a damage to health. I agree that the in the registration named data can be used for the purpose of the event. I assure the correctness of the made information. Your data will be stored electronically!


Article 16 // Data collection and Data utilization

The personal data which are stated during the registration will be stored and used for the payment and registration process. The athlete agrees with the registration to store the data for this usage. The data protection regulation can be found here: Data Protection Regulation Chasing Cancellara


Article 17 // Regulation changes

The organizer has the right to change the regulation, the course and the schedule at any time. Changes will be published on the website and/or directly communicated to the registrants.


Each rider has to sign the waiver before the start. No bib without a signature on the Waiver!