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September 16, 2023

Zurich – Zermatt


Ultrafondo from Zurich to Zermatt – 280 km and 6'000 meters of climbing

Numbers of participants is limited.


  • takes place on Saturday

  • route via the Glaubenberg instead of the Glaubenbielen

The course

After the start in Zurich the riders are heading towards hillier regions via the Freiamt and Sursee. From there the participants tackle the climbs of Glaubenberg and Brünig before the Grimselpass is set to be the biggest obstacle of the race. After passing through big parts of the canton of Wallis the climb from Täsch to Zermatt will present the last big challenge. With 280 kilometers and approximately 6'000 meters of elevation, Zurich – Zermatt is set to be the toughest one day race in Switzerland.

The Time Table

The race is set to start at 1:15 am in the morning with the first riders. The last riders are expected to arrive at 7:00 pm in Zermatt. Bus transport for the return journey can be booked via the shop (limited number of participants). This departs at 20:15 from Täsch via Bern back to Zurich.


The categories

Participants can ride in three categories: Single, Team or "happy threesome".

The Singles conquer the whole course by themselves with only limited help from outside. Assistance from third parties are only allowed at the checkpoints in Wolhusen and Ulrichen. In addition to the luggage transport from Zurich to Zermatt we also offer a transport of belongings from Zurich to Ulrichen and from Ulrichen to Zermatt.

The Teams consist of two riders that relay and split up the whole course between themselves. The teams are allowed one support car. The cars are allowed to enter the race course from km 33.3 (Guggibad) on. The Glaubenbergpass will be closed for the support cars.​

The "happy threesome" consists of three riders, who ride the entire route together at all times. The three riders are allowed to draft in eachothers sliptstream. Besides that, drafting is strictly prohibited. They are also allowed outside support at checkpoints Wolhusen and Ulrichen.

The package


  • luminous vest 

  • Chasing Cancellara Goodie

  • multiple partner goodies

Event services

  • bib numbers will be sent home in the week before the event if you have registered until 07.09.23 (pick up before the start for participants living abroad and later registrations)

  • online race briefing

  • photo service

  • parking in Täsch for participants in the category "Teams"

  • bagagge transport to Zermatt (1 piece of 40 liters)

  • transport of personal items from Zurich to the checkpoint Ulrichen

  • transport of personal items from Ulrichen to Zermatt

  • hotel packages in Zermatt (discounted hotel conditions will be sent via link in the registration confirmation)

In Race services

  • bib number 

  • reflectors

  • race course signage

  • motocrew escort

  • ambulance follows the race

  • neutral race service at different checkpoints

  • nutrition products at the start and along the course

  • at least 8 nutrition refreshment points

  • timekeeping

Post event services

  • finisher medal

  • finisher diploma

  • rankings

  • finisher beer

  • finisher meal in Zermatt 


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