Chasing Cancellara x Fast and Female

Chasing Cancellara is committed to motivate more women to take part in cycling. Together with Fast and Female we will start an initiative with the goal to bring more women to Chasing Cancellara events. 

Fast and Female is a Swiss Cycling initiative with the goal to increase women's presence in cycling by lowering entry hurdles and supporting different kind of challenges. 

As part of the collaboration between Chasing Cancellara and Fast and Female, the following services are offered:


Exclusive Women's ride together with Fabian Cancellara, 29 May 2021:

Join Fabian and other pros in a ride from Zurich to Sursee to learn first hand about the first 70 kilometers of Zurich–Zermatt. The participation is free, but a subscription is necessary. Update: Due to the high demand, we have limited the number of places for the ride. The registration is closed.

Exclusive starting group for women at the Dillier Classic, 31 July 2021:

The Dillier Classic is raced in groups of 30 to 50 riders. 2021 we will have a starting group exclusively for women. Join the event and ride the loop of 35 kilometers together with other female participants.

Dedicated women's categories in all Chasing Cancellara events:

The best women will be awarded for their efforts in every Chasing Cancellara event and receive the same accolades and prizes as the men. This regards both the Singles and Team categories.

15% voucher code for all Fast and Female members:

All Fast and Female members will receive a 15% voucher code to participate in a Chasing Cancellara event of their choice. If you're not yet a member, go on to learn more.

Fabian will be mentoring selected Fast & Female riders towards their 2021 cycling goals:

Fabian will mentor selected Fast and Female members and supports their preparation with his knowledge for Zurich–Zermatt 2021. The efforts and progresses will be shared on Social Media.