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September 24, 2023

Granfondo Vaduz

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A unique Granfondo around the picturesque region of Vaduz, peppered with five climbs.

The course

On the approximately 90 kilometers across Liechtenstein and Switzerland, the participants have the opportunity to climb some of the most historic climbs in the region. The beautiful area around Vaduz is characterized by steep climbs. However, the breathtaking views at the end of each climb will quickly make you forget the efforts on the way up. Take the opportunity to have a look at the beautiful Vaduz Castle on the completely closed-off Schlossstrasse. The start and finish area is in front of the town hall in the city center of Vaduz.


The climbs

The route includes 5 epic climbs:

The Time Table

The race is set to start at 08.30 a.m. The participants will start in groups of 40 people. The last riders are expected at around 2:30 p.m. After the race there will be an after party for all participants, spectators and fans.

The format

The route is about 92 kilometers long with about 1700 m of climbing. The time will only be taken on five selected climbs. This format enables the participants to compete but also to ride relaxed in a group to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Liechtenstein. The start will be held in medium-sized groups in to be defined intervals.

The categories

In addition to the large lap, a smaller round is also offered. This one includes the timed climbs to Sankt Luzisteig, Pfäfers and Triesenberg. The start of the small loop takes place around one hour after the first start of the first start group, which tackles the big round. The small round leads over a distance of around 60 km peppered with 1100 meters of altitude.

Team classification

This year's Granfondo Vaduz will feature a classification for teams of three or more. How does it work? As before, each member of the team will ride the 90 kilometres of the big loop in the picturesque region around Liechtenstein as an individual. At the end of the race, the times of the three fastest team members will be added together to give the team classification. It is important that all team members enter the same team name when registering. Please note: The team classification is only valid for the big round. Already registered participants can change or add their team name by sending a message to

The Package​


  • Chasing Cancellara Goodie

  • multiple partner goodies

In Race services

  • escorted mass start

  • race course signage

  • motocrew escort

  • ambulance follows the race

  • feeding zones on the course

  • nutrition products at the start and on the course

  • timekeeping

Event services

Post event services

  • finisher medal

  • finisher diploma

  • rankings

  • finisher meal after the race

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