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La Fuga

The Chasing Cancellara Alumni Club "La Fuga" has been created to enable a more personal and exclusive communication with the biggest supporters and most loyal participants of Chasing Cancellara. True to the motto "You may not win it, but you’re in it!", "La Fuga" does not necessarily consist of the fastest riders but the ones that have been with us for a long time and are an integral part to what Chasing Cancellara is all about.

Participants who have participated or registered in eight or more Chasing Cancellara events up until December 1, 2024 are part of "La Fuga" going forward. To remain a member of the club, one has to participate in at least one Chasing Cancellara event every year. The due date to enter the club is December 1 of each year.


The membership contains the following benefits:

  • Privileged invitation to a yearly exclusive event 

  • 15% discount for personal use for one Chasing Cancellara event per year

  • A gift

  • Priority information about Chasing Cancellara and related Partner events

  • Priority early registration to Chasing Cancellara events

  • As the community develops we will continue to create new experiences

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