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Chasing Cancellara on Zwift

February, 24–26 & March, 3–5


Virtual two day Chasing Cancellara event on Zwift

Ride two short races within two days against the best time trialist of all time

The Concept

The Chasing Cancellara event on Zwift will be held as a two-stage time trial challenge. The two races can be ridden individually on one of the self-selected race days at different predetermined times. Everyone who participates in at least one event will be rewarded with a virtual Chasing Cancellara jersey.

Before and after the respective week of racing, on community ride will take place, led by Fabian himself. Join Fabian on these one-hour social rides in different Zwift worlds.

Format and timing: Group ride with results format, no drafting. Race against pre-set times set by Fabian Cancellara.

The races

Stage 1: February 24 / 25 / 26, 2023

  • Time: hourly

  • Route: Bologna TT

  • 1 lap

  • Distance: 8 km // Elevation: 230 m

Stage 2: March 3 / 4 / 5, 2023

  • Time: hourly

  • Route: Richmond TT

  • 1 lap

  • Distance: 16.25 km // Elevation: 142 m

The community rides

February 21, 2023: Chasing Cancellara: Opening Group Ride

  • Time: 8.00 pm (CET)

  • Duration: 1 hour

March 8, 2023: Chasing Cancellara: Victory lap / recovery goup ride

  • Time: 8.00 pm (CET)

  • Duration: 1 hour

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